It’s not because we’re female, is it?

Back in February I took part in the CIOB student challenge in Liverpool. We took part as a team of four and we, rather shockingly, won! Woo, go us!  There were 5-6 teams overall including ours. Two teams had one female member each, our team had three females and one male, and all the other teams were all male. I expected not many girls to be there and we had a good laugh with them all regardless of gender. We did not expect to win especially since our university hadn’t won in over seven years and our university’s (jokingly, kinda) construction nemesis’ team was there as well and they normally take home the trophy.

A few weeks later at another construction event myself and one of my female team mates were introduced to a women in the construction industry who encourages and presents to other ladies in the industry and she congratulated us on our win and how nice it was to see young ladies so proactive and leading in the industry.  It was nice to be acknowledged for our achievement. We didn’t expect a small speech and round of applause before the event started but we got one, and frankly it made a nice conversation starter. But there was no mention of our male team member just ‘ladies’. He wasn’t there that night for this event but I still felt that he should of been mentioned as well.

He was part of the team and the team won, hopefully not because the leading gender of the team was female.


Annabelle x



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