The Sims – It’s a basic BIM program.

sims2  Sims

It’s not all fun and games.

Today the gaming world is huge. It’s open to everyone and anyone, of any age, size, or gender, and is no longer just for kids. I played many PC and console games growing up and I still do because gaming is fun. I prefer more creative games over shoot-em-ups as I find them to be more open ended rather then timeline, but that’s a personal preference.

Out of all the games and styles I’ve played The Sims has always stayed with me and I’ve played all four of them. I don’t care that it doesn’t have the best graphics or that the people (the sims) are too cartoon-ish because for me that isn’t why I play it. I use it for recreational purposes and I use it for my Building Surveying course at University.

The Sims is like a very basic BIM (Building Information Modeling) program and any CAD portfolios or blueprints that I create for University I create for my virtual family and watch for unused areas or if certain ‘routes’ aren’t flowing correctly. The two images above are some of my own creations. The newest addition, The Sims 4, allows the player to to pick up entire rooms and place them wherever you want on any part of the house without having to redraw. Just by clicking on a wall the player can push and pull the clicked wall and any windows or doors will follow. Building in The Sims is a major part of the game and you only have to look at The Sims 4 Gallery online (Link below) or through google images to see the amazing creations that the players make, admittedly they aren’t always possible in real life and some are just plain funny or weird but that’s what makes The Sims.

Another popular game made by the same creator of The Sims, Will Wright, is Simcity. This is a city building game where the player must supply their city with water pipelines and electricity whilst keeping the cities residents happy with education systems, healthcare, and clean air through sustainable energy instead of power plants. The game was created by using knowledge from real life city planners and urban planning theories. The players finds themselves dealing with realistic disasters such as earthquakes and storms, and though there are unrealistic disasters as well such as zombies or a giant lizard it is just a game and thus why not.

Although gaming may only be seen as a past time to many people, games like The Sims and Simcity may encourage children and young adults to want to make their virtual homes a reality and to one day enter the industry. It may sound far fetched but anything is a possibility and it certainly encouraged me.

Annabelle x

The Sims 4 Gallery –


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