7 DIY Projects To Give Your Pet A Place Of Its Own.

Even though they already take up half the house.

Cats, dogs, rabbits, or lizards. No matter the animal they eventually wiggle their furry (or non furry) little butts into our big hearts and become full-fledged members of the family.

Whether you have 1 or 100 pets here are some awesome DIY or construction projects to give your furry family a small space of their own:

1) Catios. A combination of cats and a patio gives birth to the catio. A terrible sounding idea but with some amazing outcomes. A brilliant idea for indoor only cats who’d love for some fresh air and a brilliant opportunity to extend the house into the garden with an outdoor room. There are all shapes and sizes but ‘Catio Showcase’ has a large collection of pictures ranging from chicken run type catios to meshed porches.


catio DCIM100MEDIA

2) Cat walkways / Catwalks. Many of these are attached to catios or cat runs outside as a way for your feline family to run around the garden without escaping into the dangerous outside world. There are even indoor ones running around the ceilings and down the walls. ‘Cuckoo 4 Design’ has made an amazing cat-walk around the top of the garden fence and is my favorite in the design and the type of materials used. Plus her cats look so happy with their new walkways.


outdoor-project-outdoor-enclosed-walkway-and-play-pen-for-indoor-cats polydactyl_calico_cat_in_cat_enclosure

3) Under the stair dog beds. There are many different types ranging from just a cut out hole with a stair gate for a door to the more creative dog rooms. The website ‘Decorative Soul’ has written a good post about the dog room created by Dana Browner, pictures below, where one very lucky Labrador has a pretty decked out little under the stair room with its very own window. Very cute.


Attachment-1-1  Attachment-1

4) A pet pool. Helps keep pets cool and happy in the summer. I don’t know how or where the creator managed to find a bone shaped plastic pool to begin the projects but it does look pretty cool. You gotta love your pets to create a fixed pool just for them in the garden instead of the just buying a small paddling pool from Argos but if it’s something you do often then it probably looks mush nicer to have. ‘Praktic Ideas’ shows you some step by step instructions to create a bone shaped pet pool, though I’m sure it could be any shape.



5) A Gumball Fish tank. May take the better part of the day to create but it does look super cool and it’s definitely different to the standard fish tanks, whilst being quirky and a conversation starter. Nemo will be the envy of the fish world. Instructables has a good demonstration and PDF print out on how to make your own gumball fish tank.



6) Coffee table reptile enclosures. If you’re a big reptile fan and fancy something different from the store bought reptile houses then take a look at these DIY reptile enclosures made from old coffee and side tables. Though the website ‘Pet Care Gt’ doesn’t go into any detail on how to build one it does show what is needed to keep your reptile safe and happy. Though I’m sure an experienced reptile owner would know how to keep their respective reptile happy the site is good for possible new owners looking for something different.


Building Reptile Enclosures

7) A Hobbit Chicken Coop. For all those chicken keeping LOTR fans here is something for you! Although not a DIY project you can buy it from My Pet Chicken for a lovely $1699.00. Or £1108.15 in British Pounds. But have no fear LOTR chicken keepers who find that price just a little too steep (or insane) I’m sure a good handyman/women who knows their way around a hammer could produce similar results.


6564675 SmallInterior

Thanks for reading,

Annabelle x


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